Skyfall Kitten? We explain why!

Our kittens possess:


Perfected since birth!
As we're a small cattery, our cats are part of our family and they live with us at home. Since they're born we give them much attention, care and love, which allows them to learn all the characteristics we want in a kitten of excellence.


Our breeding program is thought with the objective of improvement of the breed we're related to.
A well structured and balanced cat cobby with a sweet expression, soft rounded lines. Big round eyes. Big round head, high forehead and small well-placed ears.


All our kittens are registered in the "Clube Português de Felinicultura" (CPF) and "The Cat Fanciers' Association" (CFA), therefore having two pedigrees.
They're all negative against PKD, as they're tested through DNA.

Our history

It all started with my first mascot - Pipoca, a Smoke Persian, offered by my parents on my birthday. It was love at first sight, confirming the love and passion I have for cats. As most breeders do, I started in a simple way, but little by little the desire to go further and contribute to the maintenance and perfecting of these breeds as been growing and never stops. My goal is to breed Persian and Exotic Cats of immense quality and exceptional temper, and for that reason I've been acquiring cats with excellent pedigrees and quality.
Skyfall Cats

Margarida Jantarada


I've had a passion for cats, especially Persian, since I can remember! When I started breeding them, I got to know the Exotics as well and I fell in love again. Today, I'm the happiest woman in the world for having the opportunity to have them all as company!

Skyfall Cats

Natália Jantarada


I've been accompanying my daughter since the start of this adventure. We've travelled all around Portugal and Europe with our beautiful cats. I consider myself lucky to be a part of this world.


New website launch

Is there a better day that today, the International Cat's Day, to launch the new Skyfall Cats website? A new face, the same heart. 😻❤️ There are still a few adjustments to be made, as all the expositions we've been Read more…

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